What must you keep in mind during the assembly of the racking?

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The other times we have seen what we need to design a racking, what the requirements are before beginning work and of which abilities we must have .

Today, we will try to understand what we need to pay attention to during the assembly phase, based on the European norms which regulate the sector:

  • One must fasten all the racking to the pavement to avoid that the uprights move during the loading and unloading of the merchandise with fork lifts.
  • We must assemble and anchort to the pavement the bays with bracings to guarantee the stability along the length of the corridor.
  • The feet must always touch the ground: either directly on the pavement or by resting on a plinth prepared for this purpose. In the case of levelling of the structure with steel or cement injections, always entrust the work to a specialist.
  • If the uprights are doubled side to side in racking with a double entrance, at least two spacers must be supplied to position as close as possible to our bracing structure to avoid damage.
  • Respect the maximum distance of the beams, arms and shelves that have been given to you by the supplier.
  • The beams are to be blocked in the position indicated by the supplier.
  • Never forget to hang the carrying capacity safety signs.
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