DONATELLO EM36-180 five level inter-loccking metal industrial racking


Product specifications
Brand Emaf
Model Donatello
Uprights n° 5
Upright height 2,5 meters
Upright depth 500 mm
Levels in height n° 5
Carrying capacity per level 180kg/cud
Linear Meters 4,8 meters
The Donatello model inter-locking metal racking can be personalized based on the needs of your warehouse.


The Donatello EM36-180 inter-locking metal industrial racking is a modular racking structure, made up of vertical elements “Uprights”, made up of two profiles “struts” made with steel tape with a 125 mm development, opportunely shaped in an open figure with special precautions that guarantee the stability, with a punch step of 25 mm; with opposing positions, they are connected with transverse beams whose function is to support the panels.

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